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How it started

I have started with Genealogy over 15 Years ago, after I´ve bought a Familytreeprogram during a Holiday in the USA, which included the
socalled "Social Security Death Index", an Index of Persons which had a Social Security Number, bud have died in the meantime.
After I´ve entered the Name Soumagne, it showed me 2 Persons.

After I had requested and had received a copy of the original application for the Social Security Number , I was now in the possession of
the complete names of these persons as well as the name of their respective parents.
Now, the Searching really started.

By further searches on the Internet within a Page with Immigrationdetails as well as from a published Census from 1920 and 1930
(see Row 5 and 6) from the USA, I discovered the immigration year from these persons to the USA, as well as their occupations and from
one of them the name of his wife.
This is an example, how extensive the search can be.

Also, in the meantime, on the Internet, the Mormons published partly their Results, when they Filmed a lot of Church Books and Civil registers
in Europe in the 1960´s.

In the meantime the searching for my own Ancestors has transfered more and more to a Name search as I searched for differences in the writing of the Name.

From the most diverse sources (archives, telephone CD´s, Internet, etc.) i´ve found over 3080 Persons with the surname Soumagne (I remain
with this Name, altough in the meantime over 135 different ways of writing have emerged) in Germany, Belgium, France, Spain und the USA,
with the oldest refering to the year 1194.

Some of the different spellings are writingerrors, which result from misunderstanding of the name or the name was wrongly read off
(as in the case of Elisa du Mont de Soumagne, which is indexed as Elisa der Mant de Soumagne, even you can clearly identify in the Original that
it is du Mont de Soumagne).
Quite offen in a Deed the name is written as Soumaigne and in another Deed as Soumagne, although it is the same person.
The same applies to de Soumagnas and Desoumanias, here they are also switching between the to different names

One further excample for this is Walther Soumange:
In his Birthcertificate the Name is written like this, even that the correct writing would have been Soumagne. This was corrected 39 years later!
The name of the father, Ludwig Josef Johann Soumagne, was written in a different combinationin each of the birthcertificates of his sons.

Or i.e. Marguerite Soumagne :
In the Marrigecertificate with André Boisseau the name is given as Marguerite Soumagnat and in the Marrigecertificate with Philippe Pindraythe
name is written as Marguerite Soumagnac, three different writings for the same person.

There are even cases were the same person is written differently on the same certificate (François Sousmagne and François Soumagne in the
Birthcertificate of his son).

Certainly, some People will have been entered more than once, thats due to different spellings of their first Name and Surname, moving around
and marrying.

Since it is nearly impossible to link Families together with these searches (except when searching special genealogy pages), I depend on the
cooperation of other persons.
With only one Email, I was able to link 11 persons together.

Unfortunately the search in archives is made more difficult by data security guidelines. In German archives, only the data until 1876 are publicly
From 1876 to 1938 one gets only information with justified interest (e.g. ancestor research) and this only in the own direct line of the family.
That has now changed a little due to a change in the German legislation.

As not all Persons are listed in Telephone-Directories, the finding of Persons after 1876 in realy difficult.

Very sincere thanks to Willi Haufs, who supplied the family tree data covering the Family van der Heyden.

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