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About me

May I introduce myself briefly to you:

My name is Manfred Soumagne.

I was born in 1958 and I´m working as an Aircraft Dispatcher for a German Airline.
I´m also a (Privat-)Pilot with the German Ratings for Powered Airplanes, Powered Glider and Glider and the American Ratings for
Single Engine (Land and Sea) Airplanes and Glider.

As an Aircraft Enthusiast I have a Collecion of more than 6800 Aircraft-Slides from all over the World.

Beside this I´m researching my ancestors since some years now, in order to find out from where my family originates.

I´ve started Flying myself in 1982 and obtained the German Glider Licence (PPL-C) in 1986.
In 1989 I´ve added the Powered Glider (PPL-B) and in 1992 I´ve finish the training for the American Private Pilot Certificate.
I converted the American Certificate to the German PPL-A in 1993.

I´m working since 1978 in the Aviation Industrie.

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That´s what it is all about on my Website.

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