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About the Name Soumagne

The Name Soumagne stands for "High Summit" and originates from "Le Grand Sommet".
There is the Town Soumagne in Belgium as well as a very small village ("Hameau" in French = just a few Houses or Farms grouped together) named Soumagne and other named "Les Soumagnes", Soumagnas and Soumagnac in close Vicinity of the Charente Region in France.

Interesting is, that with an Automatic Translation from "Google", the name Soumagne will be translated to Brandenburg.

In agreement with the custom and the instructions of the "Council of Trento" (Concil of Trient 1545-1563): The Identity of a Male Person
was defined by the first name followed by the name of the parish where one resided (or was born); the first son recieved the first name
of his paternal grandfather, the second son that of his maternal grandfather (this was used at least in Belgium).
That led to names like, as an example, Pierre de Soumagne, the "de" should not be translated as a sign of nobility, it should be translated
as "from".
The son of Pierre de Soumagne could have carried a different Surname, when he was born in a different Town.
Therefor it is sometimes difficult to put some Families together.
There are also some Persons which are carrying the "de" as a Sign of Nobility, as an example, Arnould-Michel Joseph de Senzeille de Soumagne, Baron de Soumagne.

For Ornithologist (Birdwatchers) the now endangered Madagascar Red Owl, also named Tyto soumagnei or Effraie de Soumagne, should
be known.
It was presumably named by the French Natural Scientist Alfred Grandidier after the French Vice-Consul and Trader M. Soumagne.

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Information about the Town SOUMAGNE in Belgium:

Population : 15.160 residents
Area : 2740 hectares

United in 1976 with the commons of Ayeneux, Cerexhe-Heuseux, Evegnée-Tignée, Melen and Micheroux.

The neighbouring commons : Blegny, Fléron, Herve, Olne and Trooz

Administrative and judiciary roundings : Liège

Geographical region : Pays de Herve

The armorial Bearings of Soumagne are defined as follows : "On blue azur, a Saint Lambert holding an open book in his right hand and in his left hand a bishop's crook "

The historical past of Soumagne matches for a great part to the Liège's Principality. The word "Solmania" appears on a document dated 25th of august 915, bywich Charles the Simple, King of the Francs, gave to the prince-bishop of Liège a forest, dependence of Theux.

Since the end of the 19th century until the sixties, Soumagne has known a great industrial activity because of the caol-mines and a co-operative production. Commercial centers, new houses and wonderful wooded hillocks replaced the "Terrils" (hillocks of coal wastes).

Since 1980, Soumagne knows an important expansion of its population and habitation due to the proximity of towns like Liège and Verviers and the motorway to Aachen which crosses the territory. The commercial activities are also very diversed.

Beside nice surroundings (60% of the territory is devoted to farming activities), Soumagne offers to its residents an intense cultural, communal and sportive life. Since the beginning of the 70th, the cultural Center and about its ten affiliated groups are the principal motivation of the cultural activities of the entity.

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